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Ensure you’re maintained to the highest standard with MJ Parts & Welding Supply, and find any parts you need readily at hand to keep you on the road. We specialize in truck and trailer parts, including batteries, belts, brakes, filters, lights, and oil. We also supply smaller parts, such as lawnmower parts, as well as various lawn care tools and equipment.

Whatever part you need, we can get it!

We are proud to be working with Linde (formerly Prax Air) to provide industrial gases for welding.


At MJ Parts & Welding Supply, we want to make sure that your issues are resolved as quickly as possible. That’s why we offer a variety of truck, trailer, tractor, and small engines parts and accessories. We have the power you need to keep your vehicles running strong and healthy.


We’ve got everything you need to fix your big rigs, from belts, batteries, and brakes, to starters, transmissions, and alternators. We’ll get your truck back up and running in no time, so you can get back on the road.

Tractors and Combines

MJ Parts & Welding Supply is an official dealer of A&I Products. A&I provides quality aftermarket agricultural parts. Whether you need tractor parts, combine parts, or anything else, we can get it for you.

Small Engines

Small engines need parts too. We mainly supply lawnmower parts, such as blades, engine parts, and pulleys, and anything required for maintenance.


We’re the only ones in Moose Jaw who carry industrial gases for welding through Linde. We also carry welding supplies.

Automotive Parts

Our Parts



Find the right alternator for your rig, with outputs designed to suit any application. Get long-haul durability, power, and efficiency, or heavy-duty performance and reliability for any use.


We carry top quality batteries so you know you will always be able to deliver. We carry Batteries for all trucks, big and small, including starting batteries to give you low to high cranking power, cycling batteries that deliver the life you need to run lift gates, lights, and APUs, and AGM batteries which can withstand extreme conditions and run any of your extra amenities.


Your truck can’t run properly if it doesn’t have the belts to keep things moving. We can provide serpentine belts, alternator belts, and all other engine belts. We also supply smaller lawn and garden specialty belts.


Reliable braking systems are a must for any professional driver. From brake pads, rotors, hoses, calipers, ABS parts, wheel cylinders, vacuum pumps, and more, we’ve got everything you need to keep your brakes working smoothly.

Cooling Systems

You expect a lot from your truck’s engine, so make sure it’s got the cooling system it needs to maximize both performance and longevity. We have the parts you need to ensure your truck is working at peak performance including radiators, fans, radiator caps, hoses, surge tanks, coolants, oil coolers, water pumps cooling system switches and more.

Engine Parts

The heart of your rig needs to stay healthy. MJ Parts & Welding Supply have the parts for all makes and models, from full assemblies to engine blocks, cam shafts and crank shafts, cylinder heads, pistons, rings and connecting rods, valves, coolers, engine bearings, oil filters and pumps, and so much more.


Lawn Care

Aside from providing you with small engine parts, we also carry chainsaw parts, filters, and arborist gear.


You depend on your truck to keep moving, so make sure you have the right starter in place. We offer a full line of starters that are packed with valuable features that’ll give you the confidence of consistent performance that’ll protect against over-crank and provide thermal protection. We also offer magnetic switches and enhanced serviceability options.


Keep your loads safe with properly configured suspension. We have shocks and struts, coil springs, sway bars, dampeners and stabilizers, steering knuckles, and alignment kits. We can get you the best setup to ensure you’re safe on the road.

Tractor and Combine Parts

We’ve got seats, grain handling parts, engine parts, and electrical parts; everything you need to keep your farm up and running.

Transmissions and Gears

Whether you operate a manual or automatic rig, we have the transmission parts you need. From full assemblies to clutch kits, discs, pressure plates, flywheels, torque converters, rebuild kits, valve bodies, clutch linkages, shafts and gears, and more, we’ve got you covered.


Improve the power and efficiency of your diesel engine with the right turbocharger. With a wide range of makes and models we have the right fit for any setup to keep you on the road and operating at every greater efficiency. We can provide everything from wastegates, pipes, clamps fitting, intercoolers, mounting hardware and more.

Welding Gas

We work with Praxair to supply you with industrial gases for welding. We also carry welding supplies.


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